Why the Blog?

There are so many influential churches and endless online resources available to you. There is so much to read from, watch, borrow, steal, adapt, adopt, or reject – many different approaches, styles, and strategies that are broadcasted everywhere.

The upside? It’s an incredible opportunity to be influenced by other great churches and leaders.

The downside? It can be easy to be overwhelmed with the abundance of different approaches to church ministry. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Which approach is more effective? Sometimes it’s way too easy to want copy others just because ‘it’ works for them.

We’ve tried many different things at Redwood over the years. We’ve experienced some huge successes and we’ve also seen (what we thought were) great ideas flop right in our faces.

This blog exists to share some of the wins and discoveries I’ve experienced during my leadership journey at Redwood Park Church in the world of worship and creative arts. Hopefully you can find something here that translates well into your ministry context. There’s something powerful about observing and learning from others working in a similar context and culture as you.

The heart of this blog is for the mid-sized Canadian Church.

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