Simplify to Solidify

There’s a natural pull that I can feel working in a worship & creative arts ministry- it’s been a big challenge for me and I’m guessing you have felt this pull too…

I feel a pull to do more.

There are exciting times when God leads you into new adventures, maybe He has put new opportunities in front of you, maybe you sense Him leading you into more…

But then there’s other times where we take on more just because saying yes is easier than saying no.

More can sometimes become the default mode of operation.

  • More feels better,
  • It feels more productive,
  • More effective,
  • More exciting.

Life naturally drifts to more, not less.

I’ve discovered that doing more stretches me too thin. When I start to do more just for the sake of doing more I start to become less effective.

  • Things become unnecessarily complex.
  • I become overwhelmed and ineffective.
  • Anxiety and stress creeps in.

Do not let more become the default mode you operate in.

Simplicity is the pathway to excellence.

When we simplify what we do, we start to solidify what we do. When we aren’t worried about doing more, the less we do is executed at a much higher level. This leads to better results and in the end our church sees greater impact.