A Worship Pastor’s Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake I see worship pastors make: It’s All About You.

For many of you, you’re the only full time staff member in the Worship/Creative Arts ministry at your church and as a result things may have drifted to being all about you.

I’m not implying that you’re self-centered. This is different.

Maybe you haven’t intentionally made things all about you – but, things have become all about you because of a lack of intentionality. 

In my first few years on the job it was all about me. I picked the tunes, I planned the sets, I mapped out the transitions, I planned the service flow, I ran rehearsals, and I sang lead vocal almost all of the time.

At first it was fulfilling, challenging, and it felt exciting. I was capable and it was an adrenaline rush to operate at such an intense level all the time.

Then it started to kill me. I was burning out and my passion for the job was fading – the job I initially loved became a burden because of the pressure I put on myself – the pressure was totally unnecessary.

Am I ever glad to be done with that mentality.

These past few years I have strived to create a team-oriented culture. Now I find the most excitement and fulfillment when my fellow team members have the chance to use their gifts and flourish more than I do.

For leaders, letting go of control is tough. But when leaders make it all about them they put a lid on the God-given potential that is stacked inside the rest of their team.

The results:

  • Our overall worship experience is far stronger and our entire church reaps the benefits of this!
  • There’s more variety in what we do; each team member has a different skill set and brings a unique personality that influences what we do.
  • Team members feel more valued; they have a deeper sense of ownership in what we do.
  • Team members are willing to sacrifice more for the ministry because leadership has invested in them.
  • I am personally healthier – more energized and more passionate

Don’t make it all about you. Make it about the team. You will benefit, your team will benefit, and your entire church will be impacted. It’s the way it’s meant to be.

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