Messy Teams

How much mess are you comfortable with on your ministry team?

One of our biggest values at Redwood Park Church is to create a grace-filled environment. We would rather give 2nd chances than strikeouts. We make room for people to journey and explore instead of jumping on them every time they make a mistake.

Jesus was always surrounded by mess…His closest disciples were messy, risky, sinful people. When you look at Peter, or Matthew… these were risky guys! When Jesus was handed over to the Roman soldiers Peter’s immediate response was to swing a sword and cut a soldier’s ear off, yet, Peter was Jesus’ right hand guy.

Jesus didn’t have a clean, sinless, cookie cutter leadership team… he surrounded himself, led with, ate with, and travelled with sinful, messy, and risky people who didn’t have it all together. And so, trying to follow the example of Jesus, we make room for risky and messy people on our teams.

If someone is journeying forward and moving in a good direction, asking good questions, starting to explore faith and God, I don’t care what mess they have going on in their lives… if they want to serve on my teams I will find a place for them – or make a place for them. Giving risky and messy people an opportunity to serve can be a massive catalyst for spiritual growth.

So if you’re a leader in your church charged with the responsibility of and building and leading teams, pause for a moment look at those you lead. How safe is your team? How safe is your leadership?

Leaders often want to see the mess in people’s lives clear up before they become involved. My experience is, people need to become involved before the mess in their lives clears up.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

Leading messy teams causes the leader many headaches, heartaches, sleepless nights, and tough conversations. I’ve had to walk with some pretty tough stuff tough with team members, but when God grabs hold of someone’s messy life and turns it around there is no greater thing to be a part of.

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